How Our New Driver Portal Simplifies Tasks and Saves Time

July 3, 2019

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Written by Melinda Olanrewaju
July 3, 2019 / 2 minute read
Blog Topic: Manage My Fleet

We’re excited to announce the release of our new and improved driver portal. Today, we’ll share some of the portal’s key features, and specifically, how they’ll benefit drivers and fleet managers.

The new portal is the result of many hours spent working with clients to determine the best way to build upon the previous version. Our in-house programming team then supplemented these insights with additional research on usability and mobile reporting. 

In the end, we built the portal to be more streamlined, easier to use, and ultimately, to save your drivers and fleet administrators more time, while offering increased functionality. 

Here’s a look at the improved features: 

Simpler to use: The new portal is more user-friendly, and allows drivers to complete their tasks more efficiently.

Better communication with drivers: If drivers have any outstanding items—for example, if they haven’t tracked their mileage—they’ll see an alert right at the top of the page. Now there’s no reason for fleet managers to chase drivers to remain up-to-date. The system does it automatically. 

Easier and more detailed mileage tracking: Using the Trip Tracker, drivers can input their route, and it will calculate the total distance travelled. Once a month, they can bulk import all mileage.  There is also a function to add daily trips, whether they be personal or business. 

This is a huge time saver, and means drivers spend less time on admin work, and more time servicing customers. The system also shows a driver’s total mileage for the last six months. 

Complete maintenance history access made easy: Drivers can see all maintenance that’s ever been done on their vehicle. They can also easily input any maintenance they get done as they go. 

Streamlined fuel purchase records: Fuel suppliers send in their transactions daily (in most cases). This information is then downloaded to our database. This allows drivers to see their fuel purchase history at all times. 

Quick and easy resolution of card issues: When drivers spend less time sorting out card issues, they’ll spend more time out on the road, being productive. 

If a driver ever forgets their card’s PIN number, they can find it right in their portal account. For any other issues, they can submit a ticket, via the portal to Foss National’s client services, which we process very quickly. 

If a card is lost, drivers can alert us through the system, and we’ll cancel it immediately. 

Easy-to-use mobile version: The portal’s mobile version is identical across all platforms—phones, tablets, and PCs—for a better user experience.

Extended driver resources: The portal can store essential documents for drivers, for example, their insurance information and fleet policy. So the documents will always be on hand when they need them. 

If you have any questions about the new driver portal, reach out to your Foss National representative, and we’ll be happy to help! Don’t forget to share your feedback with us, so we know what you like best, and what we can keep improving upon. 

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