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David Thornton

Dave is a highly motivated, innovative and results-oriented sales executive. He is passionate about coaching and sustaining high-performance teams that enhance the customer experience and achieve business objectives.

He knows the fleet business from the ground up with over two decades of fleet management experience. He has held several senior management roles overseeing new business development, customer satisfaction, account management and operations.

Dave maintains a keen aptitude for continually assessing and adapting to the needs of clients.

Anti-Theft Advice: Car Security for Commercial Fleets
February 17, 2023 / 8 minute read

Rising car theft in Canada can be a major problem for commercial fleets, but with the right precautions and equipment, it can be prevented. As a fleet management partner for companies of varying…

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How to Optimize Fleet Fuel Tracking in 2023
December 20, 2022 / 4 minute read

How to Optimize Fleet Fuel Tracking in 2023 Tracking your fleet’s fuel spend is not as simple as just adding up your credit card statements. Whether you keep a paper trail or use fleet telematics-…

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What You Can Do About Increasing Fleet Interest Rates
November 29, 2022 / 5 minute read

Concerned about rising fleet interest rates? You’re not alone. Today, we’ll discuss what you can do to keep your costs down as much as possible, including: Understanding variable and fixed rates…

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Factors Impacting the Adoption of EVs in Fleet [Interview]
March 8, 2022 / 6 minute read

In today’s blog, we interview fleet electrification consultant David Staniforth. David sits on the board of Dana TM4, a company that designs and manufactures electric propulsion systems for the…

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Why Adopting Fleet Telematics Improves Your Bottom Line
May 18, 2021 / 4 minute read

Tracking the health of your vehicles and the driving habits of your employees are essential parts of running a profitable fleet.

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Company Car vs. Car Allowance: Which Is Best for Your Fleet?
February 25, 2021 / 4 minute read

Deciding on the best way to acquire vehicles for your fleet? You might be wondering whether to provide drivers with a company car or car allowance. Here at Foss National, we often advocate that…

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Windshields and the Hidden Link to Driver Safety
October 24, 2019 / 3 minute read

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) save lives. Their features include lane departure warning, blind-spot detection, and forward automatic emergency braking. When properly utilized, they have…

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Fleet Fuel Cost Savings: How to Save More With Propane
June 5, 2019 / 5 minute read

Today, fleet managers are under pressure to increase vehicle availability while reducing costs. But the fact is, costs are going up—in large part due to today’s fuel prices. Companies rely on…

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What Does Texting While Driving Really Cost Your Fleet?
August 8, 2018 / 3 minute read

Distracted driving is one of the biggest risks to your fleet. If one of your drivers is in a crash due to being distracted, it will cost you big time. And what is a major source of distraction these…

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Considerations for Your Fleet Policy Following Legalization of Recreational Cannabis
April 17, 2018 / 5 minute read

Have questions around handling legalized cannabis in the workplace? It’s been eight months since cannabis became legal in Canada. All employers have had to adapt —and businesses that employ drivers…

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