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December 13, 2023

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Written by Jennifer Chapman
December 13, 2023 / 5 minute read
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We are thrilled to announce our enhanced website at fossnational.com! This marks another milestone in our commitment to exceptional service. 

In preparation for 2024, we transformed our website to offer streamlined navigation, a modern design, and valuable resources for all your fleet-related needs. Visit fossnational.com to explore the features and services we have to offer! In this blog, we want to share the reasons behind the changes we've made.

Why the change?

We understand the challenges of managing a fleet in today's rapidly changing environment. To address this, we have strived to be as helpful as possible and make your experience as simple as we can. Your feedback has been taken into consideration, and it resulted in a truly user-friendly website with: 

  • Refined service offerings for clarity and relevance.
  • Improved navigation for better user experience.
  • Enhanced website accessibility for inclusivity.
  • Updated design to align with our philosophy.Group 3 (1)

Refined Service Offering

We provide a vast range of fleet services nationwide to businesses of all sizes. Summarizing our extensive offerings in a concise manner to appeal to all our prospects and customers is often challenging. Therefore, we have made a deliberate effort to redefine and clarify our service offerings.

Our new website highlights what sets Foss National apart from the competition. If you visit us at fossnational.com, you will see that we are not just a vehicle provider or a leasing company but also a comprehensive fleet mobility solution. Our core service groups, "Manage your Fleet" and "Lease your Vehicles," represent the foundation of our offerings. 

Improvements and New Features

One of our main improvements is a streamlined navigation system designed to make your browsing experience efficient and smooth. We understand the frustration of searching for information, so we have focused on removing any distractions or confusion.

Say goodbye to waiting on hold. Now, you can instantly request a quote and consultation without the need for a phone call. Additionally, our new internal process ensures prompt access to the information and support you need.

We have also prioritized accessibility for mobile users. You can now directly access the approved fuel and maintenance vendors list from your mobile device. We have improved website readability and search functionality to make navigation easier.


In our commitment to transparency and value, we have added two useful features: the fuel discount calculator and the fleet operating costs calculator. The fuel discount calculator is a user-friendly tool that helps you calculate potential savings using our fleet card. Simply enter your fleet details, and the calculator will show you how it impacts your bottom line.

The fleet operating costs calculator provides precise expense estimates, giving you insights into your operational costs. By entering the necessary information, you can make informed decisions aligned with your business objectives.

Our dedication to enhancing your experience remains strong as we strive to provide the best service possible.

We value your feedback

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our clients, partners, and the incredible Foss National team for their unwavering support. Your feedback has been immensely valuable, and we encourage you to continue sharing your ideas and suggestions for further improvements.

Feel free to contact us anytime at hello@fossnational.com, and we will carefully consider your recommendations.

We are thrilled about the collaborative improvements we can achieve together to enhance your fleet management experience with Foss National!

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