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Jeff Hartley


Jeff Hartley has served as President of Foss National Leasing since joining the company in 2002. Jeff has over 25 years experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Foss National Leasing, Jeff was the President of Volvo Commercial Finance from 1997-2000 and was Vice President at GE Capital from 1987-1996. Jeff has also been involved in different scales of operations ranging from a start-up business to a $750 million asset organization.

His experience includes the funding of transportation assets ranging from automotive, heavy trucks, school buses and motor coaches as well as the floor planning of these types of assets. In addition, Jeff was involved in the acquisition, development and management of fuel and maintenance programs related to these funded assets. Jeff's reputation as a strong business leader is evident within the fleet industry and as a result he was appointed the Chairman of the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association (CFLA) in 2011.

EVs Are Coming (But When?) and How Do You Plan Your Fleet’s Future?
April 21, 2021 / 6 minute read

Every year, more electric vehicles appear on our roads. Just a couple of years ago, there were only a handful of EV passenger cars on the market, and now there are dozens. Major players, including…

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What Are the Biggest Concerns for Fleets in 2020?
February 6, 2020 / 7 minute read

The fleet industry is evolving more quickly every year, and 2020 will be no exception.  There are a number of challenging issues fleets will have to navigate this year. So today, we want to arm you…

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How to Lower Fleet Costs and Boost Efficiency
March 28, 2018 / 5 minute read

As President of Canada’s largest privately-owned fleet management company, I have a comprehensive view of the challenges fleet operators face. Whether it’s a government fleet of 800 vehicles or a…

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